Lisk (LSK) Cryptocurrency Review

Lisk (LSK) Cryptocurrency Review! Developers work extremely hard and are often at the whim of centralized platforms (like Google Play and Apples App Store). These large entities get the lion’s share of the attention and revenues often leaving the devs unable to make ends meet. Lisk aims to create a more fair platform for decentralized apps allowing developers to get a bigger piece of the pie.

To make Blockchain technology more accessible, the team created a software developers kit (SDK) based on JavaScript with a focus on user experience (UI) and developer support.

Lisk started when Beddows and Kordek decided to leave Crypti and forked another blockchain project, which is now popularly known as the Lisk platform. During this, an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) publicly announced to help fund the development of Lisk.

iqoption Lisk (LSK) Cryptocurrency Review

iqoption Lisk (LSK) Cryptocurrency Review


Lisk Software Development Kit (SDK) is still in the process of development. Once this developing kit is released, the blockchain network will be opened to every developer in the world. The purpose of the SDK is to change the way users develop their applications and provide them with a better option.

LSK cryptocurrency was able to solve one of the problems facing other cryptocurrencies, which is scalability. Lisk’s purpose is to make Blockchain technology easily accessible and make developers have the ability to create their own blockchains with the use of SDK thereby giving developers full control.

Lisk cryptocurrency cannot be bought straight with flat money but can be exchanged for Lisk token from bitcoin and ether. There are online places to exchange or buy LSK currency.

Lisk (LSK) Cryptocurrency Review

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